Graphic Standards

Cal Poly is known and recognized throughout the United States and, increasingly, throughout the world. Therefore, it is critical that the visual elements that represent the institution do so consistently and with integrity.

Educational institutions nationally recognize the importance of brand consistency. Universities have implemented cohesive standards to protect their images, enhance the value of their names, and build a successful branding foundation. Positive recognition occurs when an institution presents itself consistently over time, creating an emotional connection with the viewer.

A proliferation of independent, decentralized identities and symbols creates confusion in the minds of audiences whose support we seek: students, prospective students, parents, alumni, donors and supporters. While logos and symbols are not the sole elements of an institutional brand, they are the core of its visual representation and extension. When that visual representation is disconnected or inconsistent.

Conversely, a visual identity used consistently over time leads to an enhanced image, instant recognition and higher recall.

Differentiating Cal Poly, therefore, is critical not only because of the sheer number of institutions competing for students and support, but also because our long-term success depends on it.

Every message that reinforces our institutional identity counts. Finally, consistency in visual identity protects Cal Poly’s patents, licenses and trademarks, and increases the value of our identity over the long term.

By following these standards, we build not only consistency but also protect our most valuable asset: the Cal Poly brand.


The Role of University Marketing

The University Marketing office serves as steward of the Cal Poly brand and provides guidance to the university community about the most effective ways to communicate brand consistency in all forms of media. All non-scholarly communications and publications bearing Cal Poly marks and intended for distribution outside the university must be approved by University Marketing staff.

The Creative Services Department is part of University Marketing and is responsible for the development and management of the university’s graphic identity, including names, logos, typefaces and colors. Creative Services offers a variety of brand-related resources and guidelines to campus partners and approves all non-commercial use of university marks.

Digitized artwork of the logotypes and secondary marks may be obtained from Creative Services.

For questions regarding university marks; approval for use on official communications, publications or collateral; use of the brand or graphic identity; or graphic design and video services offered by Creative Services, email or call 805-756-1511.


Our Partners

The Athletics Advancement office manages and approves the non-commercial use of all Cal Poly athletics marks.

→Click here for the Cal Poly Athletics Brand and Graphics Guidelines

The Trademark Licensing office, in partnership with IMG College monitors commercial use of all Cal Poly university and athletics marks. Individuals, groups and organizations (including recognized student organizations), both on and off campus, seeking to produce any product using the Cal Poly name and/or trademarks must use a licensed manufacturer.

→ Click here for a list of approved licensed vendors/manufacturers

Click here for more information about Cal Poly’s trademark licensing program

The Contracts and Procurement office oversees suppliers and purchasing contracts. All printed material bearing university marks should be ordered through a university- preferred supplier.

Click here for information on approved printers and suppliers