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The Cal Poly Brand

After nearly two years of research, creative development and testing, Cal Poly has begun rolling out its updated brand. The brand goes far beyond a logo or color palette: our data-driven strategy, refreshed visuals and aligned messaging help position our university for a greater national reputation, major fundraising initiatives, a website redesign, and strategic recruiting efforts.

More than anything, the brand aims to help unify everyone from alumni, prospective students, faculty, staff, parents and community members around Cal Poly's mission to solve problems in California and beyond. The brand transition will take time to reach all touch points online, on campus and in our global network of stakeholders, but our collective effort over time will make it easier for the world to know who we are and what we stand for.

University Marketing began this roll out process with a preview to students in April and the first-ever Brand Conference in August to train and empower professionals working with the brand.

Brand guidelines information is now live on this website, and a spectrum of resources, templates and downloads are available on the University Marketing Wiki. Professionals can sign up for more training sessions and support resources throughout fall quarter.

Questions about the Cal Poly brand? Start with a brief FAQ about the brand or reach out to the University Marketing team via email at [email protected].