University Marketing is the group tasked with telling the story of Cal Poly. Through print and Web publications, graphic design services, video production and consulting, University Marketing ensures that the outside world sees Cal Poly clearly, accurately and in its best form.

Cal Poly's Refreshed Brand

In January 2018, Cal Poly initiated a comprehensive, research-based process to understand, define and express the university's overall brand presence. Cal Poly decided to closely study and refresh its brand strategy so it could continue building its strong reputation and create consistency across new initatives in fundraising, strategic planning and marketing that will shape our campus' long-term trajectory.

After more than a year of market research, strategy and creative development, Cal Poly previewed updated branding elements to campus in April 2019. The preview aimed to give students, faculty and staff a glimpse of the new branding elements before the look and feel begins appearing in outreach campaigns over the next year.

In August 2019, Cal Poly professionals in marketing and communications will have access to updated assets, including fonts, graphics, logos and imagery. To sign up for the brand conference and email updates on the Cal Poly brand, click here.

If Cal Poly professionals have questions about the transition to updated branding, please reach out to the University Marketing team via email at

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