Email Signature

The email signature template is intended to be flexible to the information you want to present to your contacts while consistently expressing the university’s visual brand. Here’s a visual example of what your signature could incorporate:


email signature example


First Last Name – Georgia Bold 14pt, color: darker yellow or similar color (Digital Gold Hex: BD8B13 or C:0, M:30, Y:100, K:30)

pronouns he/him/his – Trebuchet Bold and Trebuchet 10 pt, color: darker green or similar color (C:93, M:24, Y:85, K:68) (optional)

Professional or Academic Title – Trebuchet 10 pt, darker green

College/Division or Department – Trebuchet 10 pt, darker green

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA – Trebuchet 10 pt, darker green

_____ – color : darker yellow or similar color. NOTE: hold down shift and press the dash (-) key 5 times, then in the formatting bar click “…” and select superscript (X2).

office 805-756-5555 – Trebuchet Bold and Trebuchet 10 pt, darker green

cell 805-756-5555 – Trebuchet Bold and Trebuchet 10 pt, darker green (optional) – Trebuchet Bold 10 pt, darker green

university logo (optional, download the .svg file) *NOTE: Do not use a division, college or department lock up here because it will not be legible. The other fields of your signature make it easy to clearly identify those details in a more accessible fashion.


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Navigate in your email client to the email signature editing window.
  2. Hand key in your contact information using the detailed instructions listed below.
  3. If you choose to included the Cal Poly logo, download via the University Marketing Wiki. Do not use a college, division or department lock up for the logo in your email signature.
    NOTE: Depending on the recipient’s e-mail client and provider, images embedded into e-mail signatures may not be supported, display incorrectly, or appear broken.
  4. Save and exit.

For a pdf of the email signature guidelines and the .svg file, visit the University Marketing Wiki.