Frequently Asked Questions

Is everyone on campus required to follow the brand standards?

Yes. It is critical that everyone follows the standards to build consistency and protect our most valuable asset: the Cal Poly brand. Please see our Brand Review Guidelines and Brand Review Checklist for detailed information.


How do I submit things to University Marketing for brand approval?

Each department has designated users of University Marketing’s project management system, WorkZone.

  • If you are a designated user, click here to log in and submit a new project request for brand approval. Step by step instructions are also available for download here.
  • If you are not a designated user, please check with your department’s marketing and communications specialist to see who the department’s designated user is. If there is not a designated user for your department, click here to complete and submit a request form to become a designated user.


How can I obtain new logos for my department?

All logos are supplied to the college or division marketing and communications specialists. If there is not a single contact for the whole division, logos are delivered to the marketing and communications specialist at the department level. Please check with your specialist to obtain logo artwork.


May I create my own logo using the Cal Poly name or wordmark?

No. Cal Poly wordmarks and logotypes should always be reproduced from official university artwork. Re-created, photocopied or scanned artwork is not allowed. If you need a logo or mark created for your area, have your college, division or department marketing and communications specialist submit a new project request in WorkZone.


Does University Marketing offer design and video services to campus?

Yes! Our Creative Services team has worked with many units on campus to create compelling collateral materials, publications, videos, graphic identities and multimedia marketing campaigns. If you would like to start a project, please submit a new project request via WorkZone. Click here to request access to the system. When we receive your request, our project manager will set up a kick-off meeting to discuss the project, talk about your budget, and develop a timeline. If you have questions about how the process works or the services we offer, email us at [email protected].


How do I get access to WorkZone?

Each department has a limited number of designated users for Workzone. If you would like to request a new user account or find out who the designated user is for your department, click here to fill out our Workzone form.

How do Output Requests work in WorkZone?

If you plan to mail your brand piece to alumni, donors, parents, or friends of Cal Poly, you need to submit an Output Request through Advancement Services. After you submit your request, you can submit your piece for brand approval in Workzone, indicating your Output Request number. Once approved, Advancement Services will be notified that your Output Request can be released to you.

Do I need an Output Request for an email?

All emails to alumni, donors, parents, or friends of Cal Poly are sent through iModules Email Software. To learn more about sending an email through iModules, visit our iModules Wiki.