Primary Colors

Color is as significant to a graphic identity as symbols and marks. The official colors of Cal Poly are green and gold.

For printing on paper there are two options: coated and uncoated. The difference in color saturation changes depending on the paper type. Therefore, we recommend a unique Pantone or CMYK color for each so that the true colors’ consistency remains.

It is important to note that the Cal Poly primary color palette should be used whenever possible. The Pantone (PMS) color version should be used when budget allows for the option to specify Pantone ink. Otherwise, the four-color (CMYK) values listed should be used.

Note: It is necessary to create these CMYK and RGB values listed within a document rather than relying upon default conversions. 

CSU ATI (Accessible Technology Initiative) requirements regarding luminosity and color blindness apply when using HEX colors for digital media. A 5:1 contrast ratio is required. Please check with your Web accessibility coordinator to ensure compliance. For more information and validation tools, visit:

Web Accessibility

Compliance Process Guide

Click here to download an Adobe Swatch Exchange file (.ase) of Cal Poly’s colors.

Official Colors

Official Colors


Official Color Translations and Web Colors

Color Translations

Color Translations

CP Metallic Gold

Pantone 8383 metallic gold is approved as an option for more formal, higher-quality print applications. It may be used on coated or uncoated materials.

Metallic Gold


Embroidery Colors

Madeira Threads

Note: Provide the embroidery supplier with a file containing Cal Poly PMS colors. They will translate the colors into equivalent Madeira Thread Colors.