The Wordmark

Primary Wordmark

The Cal Poly wordmark is the primary logotype used to represent the university and the most heavily integrated with the overall brand.

The Cal Poly wordmark is protected by federal trademark registration. It may be used by Cal Poly faculty, staff and students for officially approved campus uses only. It is not for personal use. The wordmark should always be reproduced from official university artwork. Please do not attempt to create Cal Poly wordmarks or logotypes.

Our name is the primary means by which we are recognized; therefore, a primary or secondary Cal Poly wordmark must appear on the front or back of all forms of communication. When appropriate, an official pairing, which may include the academic shield, the name of the college, department or unit in a specific configuration, may be used. The Athletics Department and official Cal Poly club sports are exceptions and may use official athletics marks.

Anyone receiving wordmarks or visual elements must read and accept Cal Poly’s trademark licensing guidelines.


Alternate Wordmark

In certain applications, the Cal Poly wordmark may appear with the words “San Luis Obispo.” Considerations for its use should be determined by evaluating the intended audience and the proposed medium.


Buffer Zone

The clear area around the wordmark is integral to the design, and adherence to the minimum spacing parameters helps the reader’s eye distinguish the logo easily. No copy or any other graphics may encroach on this minimum space. The buffer zone must be equal to the height of the “Y” in the Cal Poly wordmark.





To maintain detail, the Cal Poly wordmark is never to be used smaller than .75″ in width.

0.75 inches wide

Absolute minimum size