When representing Cal Poly on social media, there are visual and naming elements that must be designed and selected for your social channels. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the Graphic Standards, which provides important information about Cal Poly’s chosen typefaces, word marks, and colors.

As you begin to set up and design your accounts, a number of social networks will ask you to upload a “profile picture.” Many social platforms also ask you to upload custom backgrounds and adjust colors and other design elements. Be mindful of how your profile picture and avatar will be displayed. Ensure that pictures and logos are high quality and that the photo dimensions fit perfectly within the given frame dimensions.

Please contact us if you require help in creating a profile picture or background that is easily recognizable or a logo that will fit within Cal Poly identity guidelines.

Social Profile Pictures

Below are examples of how Cal Poly’s branding can be utilized in social profile pictures. Please contact Brian Peters for your college-specific profile picture.

Twitter university page example:

twitter profile picture


Facebook college page example:

CAED social example