Cal Poly recognizes social media as possible tools to support the university’s educational and operational goals. This policy applies to staff employees when they participate in social media as part of their job duties. It also applies to staff employees’ participation in social media at any time that they give the appearance of speaking on behalf of the university or its affiliates; identify themselves as university employees or as affiliated with the university; or discuss the university or its affiliates. Staff employees are responsible for the content they publish on social media and should use good judgment. All comments, expressions, and other postings on social media must be honest and respectful of others; respect confidential, personal, and proprietary information; and comply with applicable law and university policies.

Staff employees are reminded that the use of university property is primarily for the purpose of performing university business. Staff employees should make sure they are aware of department/unit specific standards regarding internet and social media usage on university property and during business hours. Personal use of the internet including social media on university property or during business hours must not involve unprofessional or inappropriate content (not otherwise protected or authorized by law), must not interfere with employment responsibilities and productivity, and must be consistent with the Information Technology Resources Responsible Use Policy. Staff employees should consult with their immediate supervisors before using social media for work-related purposes.

Information security is governed primarily by Cal Poly’s Information Security Program (ISP) and Responsible Use Policy (RUP).The ISP and RUP are supplemented by additional policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, and forms designed to ensure campus compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations.

To help safeguard and secure campus information and information resources, all users and campus departments are expected to adhere to these policies and standards where applicable. These policies are not intended to prevent, prohibit or inhibit the sanctioned use of campus information assets as required to meet Cal Poly’s core mission and academic and administrative goals.

Please report suspected violations to abuse@calpoly.edu and direct comments, questions and other inquiries to iso@calpoly.edu.

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