Starting an Account

When starting an account, it is important to remember that it will be an extension of our Cal Poly brand. Therefore, the login information tied to the social media platform should not be an individual’s work email address. It is recommended that you use or create an organizational email to manage all of your department’s social accounts. This approach will make your social media accounts easier to maintain and establishes a backup mechanism where a group of people in your department can access your social media.

Guidelines to Starting an Account

• Creating an account that is representative of a Cal Poly college or department should always be done with the approval of a supervisor or the Communications Department.
• Create a password that is completely secure and maintain a password-protected record of all login information.
• Carefully select a name or title for your social media channel. In many cases, such as with Facebook and Google+, the channel name may not be changed once it is created.
• Use appropriate Cal Poly branding. Click here to review the Cal Poly brand

Contact us if you need help or have any questions about establishing or maintaining your social media accounts and identity.