Facebook is the world’s most popular social network with more than one billion users worldwide. Universities around the world use Facebook pages to broadcast their research and create rich conversations.

Best Practices

  • Engage fans with photos, videos and infographics. Posts that include some sort of visual content are statistically proven to increase likes, comments and shares.
  • Ensure that your photos and videos are high quality. Though optimizing image upload size doesn’t make or break your profile, it is best to have visuals fit specific dimensions Facebook recommends. You can always search Google for up-to-date social media image sizes.
  • Remove links from a post when you copy and paste. Keep posts neat by removing the long URLs. Ensure that any characters employed are purely for the sake of grabbing the user’s attention.
  • Try playing around with formatting and punctuation. According to studies, varying punctuation and format garners different results and each is worth testing. Here are some specific examples:
    • Posts with hashtags (#) see 60 percent more interactions on average.
    • Posts with exclamation points (!) see 2.7 percent more interactions on average.
    • Posts that ask questions (?) garner 23 percent more engagement on average.
  • Develop a schedule or general policy for sharing content on your page. Post too seldom and you might be forgotten; post too often and you might be marked as spam.
  • Use Facebook’s analytic tools to determine when your audience will most likely see your message.

Tools & Resources

Visit the Facebook Advertising Page to start an ad campaign or read more about how they may benefit your page. Facebook offers many campaign creation tools to help ensure that the right people see your ads.


Use Facebook’s Insights analytic tools to track the success of your page or ad campaign. If you don’t feel comfortable with the data interface, all data can be exported into a .CSV file or Microsoft Excel document by clicking “Export.”


→To view policies related to Facebook, please visit the Policies section.