LinkedIn has a different personality from other social networks, as users on LinkedIn are more professionally proactive and are looking for career-oriented material and connections. A LinkedIn group should aim to use LinkedIn as a way to share interesting and useful career-related information to currents students (especially those about to graduate), alumni, parents and others interested in connecting with the Cal Poly community. It may also be used to connect students and alumni with employers for potential internships and job opportunities.

Best Practices

• Identify a clear and meaningful purpose for your group. The group should aim to serve constituents in a specific way and should be filled with relevant and useful information.
• Being consistent with information sharing and group moderation is a job that requires time and dedication.
• Make sure to have at least two people to assist in keeping the group current and on-topic.
• Respond to comments and posts from group members in a timely manner.
• Remember that people often join groups because they are interested in a topic, not a company. Posts should be educational in nature and not too promotional. If you see that a member is “spamming” a group with promotional content, that may be grounds for removal.
• If you have been interacting with someone on numerous occasions in a group, feel free to connect with them on Twitter or other social platforms. This will help deepen the relationship.
• Decide if your group will be a place for constituents to talk about and find job opportunities in your particular field. If so, ensure that the postings are not spam. This takes a great amount of monitoring.
• Find trusted recruiters to post jobs to the “discussion” section of the group so that members may apply.
• Groups can amplify their impact by encouraging multiple employees to actively engage in timely dialogue with other LinkedIn users.
• Aim to slowly grow a community of advocates that will continually share your information with all of their connections.

Tools & Resources:

• Utilize the LinkedIn Group “Analytics” feature to track and measure group growth, demographics and interactions through visually appealing charts.
• Utilize the LinkedIn Group “Help Center” to learn more about group features as well as technical issues that you may face.

LinkedIn Professional Guidelines

Click here for the full list of professional guidelines provided by LinkedIn