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Cal Poly Trademark Licensing exists to protect and promote the trademarks (names, marks, logos) of California Polytechnic State University.

Cal Poly owns and controls its name(s) and other marks, logos, insignias, seal, designs, and symbols (hereafter, “marks” or “trademarks”) that have become associated with the University. Examples of these trademarks include the name, the University nameplate, the athletic marks, the University seal, and all secondary marks.  University marks (pdf) afforded protection by State law, State and Federal trademark law, and University policy.

Through a partnership with IMG College, the University monitors commercial and internal use of Cal Poly marks and is responsible for managing hundreds of licensees producing products bearing Cal Poly’s trademarks. IMG College negotiates and administers licenses with manufacturers that wish to trade upon the University name and ensure that all uses of the University name are professional, tasteful, and of a quality that reflects positively on the institution.

The University requires that all individuals, organizations, departments, and companies, internal or external to the University obtain prior approval when producing any product bearing the Cal Poly name and or mark, regardless of method of distribution. Merchandise bearing the University name and marks produced without proper authorization may be considered counterfeit or infringing and subject to all available legal remedies, including, but not limited to, seizure of the merchandise.

Individuals, groups, and organizations (including recognized student organizations), both on and off campus, seeking to produce any product(s) using the Cal Poly name and or trademarks must use a licensed manufacturer.

If you have questions regarding our Trademark Licensing program feel free to contact:

Sasha Palazzo, Marketing Project Manager
University Marketing