Campus Organizations and Student Groups

Campus Organizations and Student Groups

All campus organizations and student groups must source commercial and consumer products bearing the Cal Poly name or any trademark through a licensed vendor. Commercial and consumer products include goods for resale (fundraiser) or to be given away.

How to Get Merchandise Produced & Approved (Internal Use)

Step One. If you are considering having emblematic products produced for fund raising or your own use, check our website for the current list of licensed manufacturers, screen printers, and local retailers.

Step Two.  Complete the Student and Internal Request to Use the Cal Poly Name form and submit to the Office of Trademark Licensing, Attn: Sasha Palazzo together with your proposed artwork. The request will be processed within 3-5 days. If the artwork requires redesign you will be informed and the form together with the revised artwork must be resubmitted. Once the artwork has been approved, a signed copy will be returned to the requestor.

Step Three. A copy of the signed form should be submitted along with your artwork and order to the manufacturer. The manufacturer cannot fill your order without the signed form.

Step Four.The manufacturer will submit the artwork electronically, via the IMG College online system, for approval by the Trademark Licensing Coordinator. If the request is not approved, the Trademark Licensing Coordinator will identify required changes before the artwork can be approved. This step should be perfunctory unless the artwork submitted to the manufacturer was changed after the initial approval in Step Two above.

Step Five. Once approval is received, the manufacturer can complete the order.

Please Note:
A royalty rate of 9% will be affixed to the manufacturer’s price. You may also affix this 9% royalty fee to your selling price, to cover the additional expense. In addition, merchandise produced for resale must also bear the Collegiate Licensed Product label, to indicate its authenticity.

Feel free to contact for further assistance