Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensee for Cal Poly trademark products. The Cal Poly Corporation has partnered with IMG  College to administer the University’s licensing program including processing licensee applications, collecting royalties, and enforcing proper usage. The Trademark Licensing Coordinator and IMG College work together to protect all Cal Poly marks including trademarks, service marks, mascots, logos, insignias, seal, designs, slogans, and symbols and any derivatives thereof associated with or referring to the University. Anyone who wishes to obtain a license to produce merchandise must submit a license application. This application informs Cal Poly of how its marks will be used, what type of product the applicant makes, how the University is going to be represented, etc.  Applications can be obtained by visiting the “Get Licensed section” of the IMG College website .

Types of Licenses Available

Cal Poly has approved the offering of three types of licenses as follows. Licenses are non-exclusive.

  1. Standard License: The Standard License is intended for companies that are capable of extensive production and retail distribution of their product(s) and/or are introducing a unique and commercially viable product to the collegiate market. The Standard License is usually not for first-time applicants or companies without well-established marketing plans, existing product distribution, and/or a financial history of selling licensed product. This license is for the production of emblematic merchandise which will be sole by the licensed vendor to retailers.
  2. Local License: The Local License is for companies that desire to obtain a license with Cal Poly and possibly 1-2 other institutions in the state of California only. Local licensed vendors are permitted to sell product to the University’s departments and campus organizations as well as retailers and directly to consumers.
  3. Restricted License (limited number approved on a case by case basis): The Restricted License is for companies that wish to produce items used by Cal Poly for internal use only. Restricted licensees are not authorized to sell any products to retailers, direct to consumers, to non-exempt institutional departments, or to any entities unrelated to the University.

Licensing Requirements

To obtain a license to use Cal Poly marks, please review the IMG Licensing Requirements. Once your application is approved, IMG College will send the license agreement.  Information regarding product labeling, artwork submission, etc. is available on the IMG College website.