Management of Trademark Licensing

The University has delegated the management of the Trademark Licensing program to the Cal Poly Corporation who has contracted with IMG College to assist in the administration and marketing of the marks. The Trademark Licensing Coordinator, in partnership with IMG College, works to protect the name and trademarks of the California Polytechnic State University and enhance the image of the University by facilitating and managing the licensing and use of those trademarks on high quality merchandise. The coordinator actively monitors the use of the Cal Poly name and trademarks in merchandise for sale, promotes appropriate branding of merchandise, enforces compliance with campus policy including graphic standards and fair labor practices, and ensures that the University receives appropriate value for their use.

Cal Poly requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain approval before producing any product(s) that will display the Cal Poly name and or marks, regardless of the method of distribution. Only an Officially Licensed Vendor may produce merchandise bearing the Cal Poly name or marks.

Print and Electronic Publications

The University’s Public Affairs office oversees the internal use of the Cal Poly name and marks by campus departments in print and electronic publications for conformance with campus policy and University Graphic Standards.

Electronic use of the University’s name and logos for official University business should adhere to the University standards.

All other requests to use the Cal Poly name and marks in print or electronic publications should get prior approval from the Licensing Coordinator.