Products imprinted with the University’s name or marks are generally subject to royalty fees with few exceptions. The University assesses royalties on wholesale sales. For example, blank garments brought to a licensed manufacturer or vendor by an individual or group that would like a logo embroidered or screen printed on it are subject to royalties based on the price of the entire garment and not just the cost of the embroidery. An emblematic T-shirt that wholesale’s for $10 will have $0.90 royalty affixed making the cost $10.90.

Royalty proceeds are dedicated to support the licensing program and to provide funding for student scholarships.

Royalty Exemptions

A royalty exemption (but not a license exemption) generally applies only to products imprinted for internal use by University departments or as part of a corporate sponsorship agreement. Resale of royalty exempt product is prohibited.

Please note that only¬†licensed manufacturers, regardless of whether a royalty is charged, may reproduce the University’s name and marks. Any unlicensed person or business that knowingly produces licensed products is subject to paying double-back royalties or possible civil litigation.