The Brand

Our Cal Poly brand is the collective perception people have about us: who we are, what we do and why it matters.


Every time we communicate, whether it’s posting on social media, sending promotional material by mail, or talking with prospects directly, people form opinions about Cal Poly based on their interactions with us.

While a brand can be abstract, we do have some power to shape perceptions. The more consistent and confident we are when telling the Cal Poly story, the better our audiences will understand and trust what we have to say.

That’s why it’s so important for all of us to be on the same page about our brand identity — the practical, real-world system of design and messaging elements we use every day to tell the world about Cal Poly. These guidelines help us ensure that with everything we say and do, we are working together to tell the same Cal Poly story.

The Cal Poly brand applies to all the ways Cal Poly communicates with the spectrum of audiences who are invested in the university:

  • Visual design, photography and videography
  • Narrative from all corners of the university, including informational content, feature stories and proactive public relations
  • Strategic planning and resource allocation
  • Our approach to customer service
  • Web and social content and strategy
  • Talking points and event programming

Cal Poly’s people, from leadership to staff to faculty, are behind the refreshed direction and the opportunities it enables to express ourselves in an accessible, inclusive, distinct fashion that aligns with our core values.

If you have questions about how the brand was developed, check out the University Marketing Wiki page with details about the two-year process, extensive research and testing. There are also answers to frequently asked questions about the updated branding.

If you have any questions about the brand not answered on this site, reach out to the University Marketing team at [email protected].

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