Brand Conference August 28-29, 2019

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Thank you for attending Cal Poly’s first Brand Conference!

Roughly 250 staff, faculty, students and administrators attended a spectrum of interactive training sessions on Cal Poly’s updated messaging, visuals and marketing strategy. The conference aimed to explain and train campus professionals on the refreshed brand guidelines while introducing helpful resources, like design templates, photography, fonts, color swatches and more.

Make-up Sessions If you didn’t formally register for the Brand Conference or you were interested in sessions that were full, sign up for a make-up sessions in September and October. Check out full outline of additional trainings and click through to the Eventbrite registration.

Questions about what you learned at the Brand Conference? Submit them to the University Marketing team via this form.

Conference Schedule

Day One – August 28

Kickoff Session: Brand 101
This kick-off session will illustrate what branding means, how Cal Poly’s refreshed brand came together, and how the roll out will take shape in the coming months. It’s the perfect primer for anyone attending more specific sessions over the next two days.
This session is right for: everyone attending brand conference sessions

Becoming a Brand Leader
Learn how to lead through a successful transition and set expectations that help their units leverage the strength of the brand.
This session is right for: deans (including assistant and associate deans), directors and AVPs

The Cal Poly Look: Beginner Level
Visual design is a critical component of making sure every message looks like Cal Poly. If design is one of your “other duties as assigned,” we’ll show you how to use our tools and templates to create on-brand materials and graphics.
This session is right for: administrative support staff and other coordinators

Navigating Brand Review
Get up to speed on our simplified brand review process using the WorkZone platform. You’ll learn how to efficiently navigate the feedback you receive on visuals and narrative to ensure your projects are on-brand.
This session is right for: communication specialists, graphic designers, administrative support staff


So Much Swag: A complete guide to trademark licensing
T-shirts? Banners? Promotional mugs? If you’re ordering any of these items, you’re going to need to direct outside vendors on nuances of the brand — we’ll show you how to help guide a successful project. Plus, meet the reps from Cal Poly-approved vendors ready to produce your next project.
This session is right for: administrative support staff, graphic designers and communication specialists

The Cal Poly Voice
This brand update doesn’t come with boilerplate for you to copy and paste. In this session, we’ll show you how to develop copy suited to your unit that is active, focused, and infused with Cal Poly personality.
This session is right for: administrative support staff, communication specialists, student assistants


Day Two – August 29

Road Map to the Website Transition
Updating the Cal Poly website is a massive project, and we’re going to need your help. Here’s a guide to what to expect and steps you can take now to help ensure a smooth transition.
This session is right for: Drupal users, communication specialists, administrative support staff who create content and maintain Cal Poly websites

The Cal Poly Look: The Expert Level
You’re already a design pro — now we’re giving you a fresh set of tools. In this session, we’ll show experienced professional designers and lead communicators directing the designs of others how to create visual publications that successfully leverage Cal Poly’s brand.
This session is right for: graphic designers, communications specialists, student assistants focusing on graphic design

Getting the Picture
We’ll show you examples of what the Cal Poly brand looks like in photos and video, and practical steps to get the look for yourself. As a bonus, attendees will gain access to new photography to help bridge the gap.
This session is right for: communication specialists, graphic designers


The Learn by Doing Story
Communicating the Cal Poly brand is about more than listing accomplishments and saying those three little words over and over. In this session, we’ll show you how to find, develop and deliver the stories that best show who we are and what we can do.
This session is right for: communication specialists and other content creators

Closing Keynote Session
The leaders of Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream will talk about how the locally-based company is using its brand to fuel its growth aspirations.
This session is right for: all conference attendees