Brand Review Guidelines

If you are creating any of the marketing or communications pieces listed below, know that it should be appropriately branded and receive approval from University Marketing via our brand review process in WorkZone prior to production and distribution:

  • Non-scholarly print publications including strategic plans, annual reports and college magazines
  • Digital templates for emails and newsletters
  • Print or digital marketing pieces that are affiliated with an initiative that impacts the entire university, including but not limited to WOW, Open House and commencement
  • Banners and signage (temporary and permanent)
  • Print marketing to external audiences including event collateral and mass mailings
  • Video content to external audiences
  • Advertisements intended for external media including print publications, websites, apps and social media
  • Print or digital internal communications with a shelf life of three months or longer
  • Any website that uses updated brand elements

As part of the brand review process, all the above with the exception of banners, signage and advertisements will also be reviewed by the office of University Communications for style and messaging. Remember: if you are submitting an item for review, you are responsible for your own copyediting, AP style compliance and proofreading. Click here for a brand review checklist to ensure your piece is on-brand.

Be sure to plan ahead: brand review can take roughly five to seven days to receive and feedback or approval. If you receive suggestions to make major changes, you’ll have to submit the updated draft of your communications piece before it is approved.

If you use reoccurring external communication such as newsletters or emails that use a template, you can submit that for brand review and approval of graphics on an annual basis; only new copy needs to be submitted for University Communications review and approval each time the template is used.

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