Website Redesign

In 2018, Cal Poly began a comprehensive branding initiative and a website redesign. For these projects, we partnered with SimpsonScarborough, a widely-respected and well-known higher-education marketing firm, and Rolling Orange, a digital agency specializing in higher education.

Brand Strategy Informs Web Approach

The clarified brand will inform the website redesign. The website will be a primary vehicle for Cal Poly to tell its story, build a relationship with key audiences and reflect our reputation as one of the nation’s premier polytechnic universities. Both brand and web components are essential to Cal Poly’s aspirations in fundraising, attracting new students and elevating its national reputation.

The Cal Poly website has not only been an extensive undertaking and major investment for the university over the past decades, it is expected to continue to grow increasingly significant to our students, prospective students, faculty, staff, donors and other stakeholders over the coming decades.

Digital Campus

But the “Cal Poly website” is not a single website.

The “Cal Poly website” is our digital campus – composed over decades of several hundred interlinking properties, each managed by different people and each built to serve different needs among often overlapping audiences.

Ultimately, is very important that and all of its subdomains and pages present accurate and current information; and that the entire digital campus is accessible, secure, user-centric and easily navigable.

Our continued work to prioritize accessibility and to create a welcoming, coherent digital campus is expected to also improve the discoverability of, which should increase exposure of Cal Poly’s programs, services and stories to new audiences of potential students, prospective employees, donors and academic peers.

Project Phases

Phase 1

Phase 1 focuses on global elements like navigation; the Cal Poly homepage (a.k.a. “Gateway”) and its child pages (i.e. “About Cal Poly”, “Visit Cal Poly”); the critical public pages for Admissions and Financial Aid; as well as a thorough rearchitecting and redesign of our campus News and Events publications.

Phase 2

Phase 2 focuses creating a web design and template system for all campus divisions, colleges, departments and other campus organizations. The Power of Doing campaign and Giving website, launched on May 2, 2019, includes a prototype of this enterprise design system.

Phase 1 Project Stages


  • Research and Discovery (Completed)
  • Strategy Definition (Completed)


  • Information Architecture (Completed)
  • Wireframe Prototypes (Completed)
  • Usability Testing (Continual)
  • Visual Design (Ongoing)


  • CMS Functionality (Completed)
  • Site Production (Completed)
  • Integration Engineering (Completed)


  • Quality Assurance Testing (Ongoing)
  • Launch
  • Training (Ongoing)
  • Documentation (Ongoing)
  • Post-Launch Support


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