Trademark Licensing

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Cal Poly’s trademark licensing program was established in 2008 to protect and promote the University’s trademarks, including its name as well as the logos, insignias, seal, designs, and symbols that have become associated with Cal Poly. We monitor the commercial and internal use of our trademarks through a partnership with CLC Learfield IMG College.

As part of this program, we require campus and external partners to obtain prior approval when producing any product bearing the Cal Poly name and or marks, regardless of method of distribution. All individuals and organizations (including campus and student organizations) producing merchandise bearing Cal Poly trademarks must use a licensed vendor.

If you have questions regarding our Trademark Licensing program feel free to contact:

Sasha Palazzo, Marketing Project Manager
University Marketing
[email protected]


Merchandise Guidelines

Learn the approved ways to use our name, logos, marks, and colors from the below links.

Staff and Faculty:

University Marketing Wiki

Registered Student Organizations (RSO), including Club Sports:

One Drive – RSO

Instructionally Related Activities (IRA):

One Drive – IRA


Licensing Process

The required steps to purchase products and when royalty fees apply.

1. Selecting a Vendor

  • Determine what product types you’d like to order.
  • Choose an official Cal Poly licensed vendor.
  • Discuss the product specifications and imprint area sizing to see what’s possible with a particular product and logo or design.
  • Obtain pricing and arrange payment.
    • Royalty fees only apply when university funds are NOT used or if the product is being resold or given away as a free with purchase. If a department is using Cal Poly funds and the products are for internal use or as straight giveaways, then the sale is exempt from royalty fees.
    • Royalty fees apply to all student organizations and individuals purchasing for private use.

2. Finalizing Artwork

  • Follow the Cal Poly brand standards and specifically, the merchandise guidelines.
    • University Marketing is happy to help with guidelines and what is possible for different logos, color combinations or designs.
  • Supply the vendor with an official Cal Poly approved logo or full design.
  • The vendor will supply a mock up on the desired product.
    • Student Organizations will need to submit this vendor mock up to University Marketing for approval via the trademark licensing request form.
    • University Marketing verifies the vendor’s license and reviews artwork. If any artwork changes are required, the Student Organization will resubmit until artwork approval is obtained. Upon artwork approval, University Marketing will copy ASI on the email approval in order for the Student Organization to be reimbursed.
    • The Student Organization will then notify the vendor to proceed with the order.
  • The vendor submits artwork and mock up through CLC’s licensing system for final approval by University Marketing.
  • Upon final approval from University Marketing, the vendor may produce and deliver the product.
    • Student Organizations will submit a request for reimbursement to ASI.


Approved Vendors

Explore a list of vendors who are licensed to manufacture and sell Cal Poly merchandise.

  1. Licensee List – Alphabetical
  2. Licensee List – Alphabetical with Product Categories

Becoming Licensed

If you know of a company who would like to produce Cal Poly merchandise and are interested in obtaining a license, direct them to the CLC website and its guidelines.



For more information or assistance with brand assets and tools, visit the University Marketing Wiki.

  • Logos files
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Training Events
  • Reporting Trademark Violations
  • FAQs

If you need in further assistance, contact our office at 805-756-7155.